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 Invasion Interstate 10

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PostSubject: Invasion Interstate 10   Mon May 21, 2012 7:23 pm

Just outside of a convenience store in a suburb of Jacksonville, a Hostess truck sat. It was in pristine condition, all shiny and freshly washed. A delivery man in a uniform of blue and white was just inside the store, letting the proprietor sign the delivery documents while workers stocked the Twinkies and Fruit Pies.

All was as it should be. The delivery man had finished his run a full three hours early. It would put him back on the road before midnight and he was looking forward to a night in his own bed.

With a smile and a wave, he bid the convenience store employees a good night and moved to get back into his truck. He stopped to take a sip from his energy drink and closed his doors.

He didn't have a chance.

There was absolutely no sound as he was pulled over the top of the driver's seat and into the back. He couldn't scream, he could barely struggle. The truck rocked for a few seconds, but that it was it. It was over.

"I just wanted to suck out the filling," a gruff voice said as a wiry looking man stripped the body and put on the uniform. Nothing else was said. And in a few short minutes, the truck was pulling out onto the road...

"Your powers are useless on me, you silly billy."
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Invasion Interstate 10
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